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 Obsidian Sanctum

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PostSubject: Obsidian Sanctum   Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:07 pm

The Sartharion fight is a very simple Simon says fight..

Sartharion-no drakes: the tank shall tank sartharion in either the multi-drake position or in the western position. Tank must turn him so his side is facing east/west as to prevent flame shot and tail whip....dps much just rape him until waves come. When the statement "the lava around sartharion begins to swell" you should look either north or south for a wall of fire/lava...move to either the one gap for north or one of the 2 for south...preferably the one furthest from sartharion...the more ppl that get hit by the lava, the more adds that tank will pick up adds and preferably at least 1-2 dps will help down them quick to resume the boss fight...around 20-30% life adds will start to spawn out the ass and bloodlust(if a shaman is present) should be used then along w/ all cd's...

Sartharion-one drake: the drake you should use for this fight is the one directly behind sartharion seeing as his only special thing is spawning adds the longer he's up....with all dps, 1 heal, and 1 tank(your off tank) you should be able to down him b4 2 waves of adds appear...your main tank and heals focus on keeping sartharion occupied for the time being...other than watching out for flame wall the drake is an easy kill for extra loot...after downing the drake presume the fight as regular

Sartharion-two drakes:
Sartharion-three drakes:

More than one drake i haven't done yet so i will inform you of how to do this later on....happy hunting....

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PostSubject: Re: Obsidian Sanctum   Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:24 pm

OS 3D 25m


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Obsidian Sanctum
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